Since I am a Film student I wanted to inform you of my final film that is currently in progress; When to Forget. As I am in my final year at University one of the units we have to do is our Graduate film. This is where you get into groups with the role that you want to do after leaving University.

For me, I want to be a writer. ‘When to forget’ is a short film following the struggle of Matthew, a 41 year old, anxious man who has an eidetic memory. Eidetic memory being, that he can remember every day of his life. Matthew seeks help from a young councillor who leads him back to his childhood where he finds unknown truths about his past and can only face it when life has caught up with him.

Currently, we are auditioning actors which is going rather well.  We have had two auditions sessions and have a child auditions coming up which is also exciting.  It is interesting to find out why certain people were attracted to the script and about their past and placing them with other actors you have seen to imagine what an idea on paper was once.

We have currently raised just under £1500, which is amazing for our piece as we never expected to get that much from cake sales, fundraising and friends and family of the members in my group. This money will go towards locations, actors travel and expenses, make-up artist, props and so on. It is surprising to realise how much money you need to make a short film as when writing an ambitious piece there is a lot that goes in behind the scenes as well as making sure every member on the team is taken care of.

We are currently location scouting for a counsellors office and house for Matthew’s memories which is an on-going struggle to get the best suited location however it is the process and preparation of making a film which is overall extremely fun. This week we had an amazing meeting that encouraged and pushed the promo film we are currently making to raise more money for our film and to spread the awareness of what we are doing. We have also started getting bits together to make part of our props which is making the idea of this film more real everyday which is super exciting.  I hope you liked this little post about the film, I’m currently working on and I will probably do future posts updating the development.

Laura Jane X

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