As I’ve been out of university for just over 7 months. I’ve began to reflect on whether university was beneficial and what other directions I could have gone in when it came to me getting my results. As I know people are deciding every year whether to go to university I thought it was a good post to write, for people who are a bit indecisive.

Just as a side point it is crazy how fast time goes. My little sister is now coming towards making her decision of whether she wants to go to university, even though it feels like I only started university myself. My university experience went super-fast and every person who I’ve spoken to agrees so my first point would be DON’T GO if you are just ‘buying time.’ This is one of the reasons many people go but it doesn’t work. Time goes super-fast and you can’t stop it.

  • Figure out the reason you want to go.

University is a place that can allow you to grow in so many ways: independently, socially, academically etc., and because of this there are many bonuses to going.  From my experience I think moving out really benefited me in terms of having my own space. I have shared a room all my life so moving out was quite exciting in terms of having my own room but also having my own kitchen space and food choices. When you live with your parents, you don’t really deal with food shops, bills, cleaning (To a whole house extent) so when moving out it’s a real learning opportunity for later in life, which is something I loved about going to university.

  • Make sure you’ve looked into all the pathways you can take. University isn’t the only option.

When I was deciding to go to university I never really looked at other opportunities out there or other pathways I could take, as all my friends were just set on university. This is something, which if I could go back I would definitely do. I’m not saying after researching all my options I wouldn’t have chosen to go to university but it is really useful to know it’s not the only option you have. I would say especially if you’re doing a creative course (Like I did), it’s not always necessary to go to university as most entry level jobs in those fields don’t require a degree and look more at experience than anything, which I only found out after university.

  • Is it right for you, right now?

People like to rush into things because they think they have to do what everyone else is doing but that’s not the case. We have all, at the point of deciding on whether to go to university, been in education the majority of our lives. It’s ok to want a break. It’s ok for university to not be right for you at this point. You have to figure out what is best for you.

University is an amazing opportunity. It’s one of many options that you can take however it’s not the only option. Think carefully about what you want to do and what the best option is for you to get there, and try to ignore any pressure from anyone else.