My initial thought after watching it: ‘Well that was a lot’. I have been an avid supporter of the Maze runner, and really enjoyed the first two films before this one, so I was really excited when they announced this film. My two housemates and I had talked about the films before and when we realised it was coming out in cinema soon we all jumped at the chance to go watch it. I don’t want to lie, we all came out a bit exhausted. There was a lot that went on in a short space of time.

Previously, in the other two films I had really liked the story lines and they were really easy to follow however this film, although the story was interesting was hard to follow or maybe a better way of putting it, was that it was less engaging because of the constant action after action. Action is a good thing it’s the most exciting part of most films however this film felt like there was no time for a breather. Some people might like that, however I felt it was a little forced and unrealistic in some elements. With this amount of action it seemed repetitive and I had worked out that every time they were going to get out of the situation because they had thought of a well-rounded plan. Sometimes it would have been more interesting to see the intense plan being worked out as that would have developed the characters a bit more rather than the story. Characters make the story.

There was moments in the action where people would have got seriously hurt or maybe even died but surprisingly they were fine which I believe took a bit away from the intense action from the film anyway, as it made it confusing more than anything. On a positive, I did really like the opening of the film because it was not letting you know everything that was going on and instantly went into an intense rescue that didn’t go to plan. I think because multiple rescue attempts after this happened though, it did make the film seem longer than it was. Something else that could have been explained more was the character of Janson as personally the character was a little too much for me, considering we didn’t fully understand or know his motive.  

The ending to me was really nice and the letter from his best friend was a touching moment to end it on as that friendship was a strong bond throughout all the films. However, this was a bit ruined when he was carving Theresa’s name rather than Newts. Even though his name was already on there I think it would have worked better the other way around as it seemed to be concentrating on friendship rather than his love interest, which would have made it different to most other films. The love interest part of the film to me wasn’t really needed as much or didn’t need to go as far as it did, especially when the kiss was scheduled. To me, these moments made the story really unrealistic and uninteresting. If the story concentrated more on explaining Thomas’s blood and why it helped rather than love interests it would have, personally, been a better film.