The Greatest Showman

Amazing! I feel like I’ve already told you what I think of this film in one word, so let me use two words. Bloody amazing! Before I got the pleasure of seeing this film in the cinema, I was already delighted with the cast line up. Firstly, I don’t think there is one film with Zac Efron in that I haven’t seen. Secondly, I knew it would be good with Hugh Jackman and Zendaya as they are great actors. If this didn’t make me excited enough, the release of the trailer and many other behind the scene videos of this film were amazing and built up so much hype. I have never seen a film release so much behind the scene content before, and as someone that has made short films and wants to work on big films, the press kit/ behind the scenes is something I really love working on and gets an audience raving before the film is even released.  

Before going to see the film though I was worried that I would have seen it all from all this content and that the film would evidently fall short, however I couldn’t have been more wrong. Every single character was fleshed out and had an interesting story to tell. The story follows P.T Barnum, a showman who creates a visionary show of unique people, which is based on a real man. The story also touches on the treatment of diversity, the problems with race and class and ideas towards what is ‘real’ and what is not. The story is intriguing and an important one to tell.

Additionally to the story, the way you present the story is just as important. Being someone that is really into film and how it is made I was truly interested in the shots and transitions. The transitions were so swift and worked incredibly well with the pace of the film. One shot in particular, that I loved was during the song ‘A million Dreams’ where all the sheets were hanging out to dry on the rooftop and he had brought one of kids a present. The shot of all of them surrounded by sheets and that spinning light gift was mesmerising and really encourages me to think more about the shots I use in my films. Even if you’re not a film fanatic I still think you could truly appreciate the creative of that shot and many others throughout the film. It also goes to say that the sets were brilliantly made. When I saw some behind the scenes, it’s crazy at the set build when you see the final shot on the screen.

Finally, the music. I think even if you haven’t seen the film you have probably heard the music so there is not much to say other than wow. The music was something I was also listening too before I watched the film. Even from watching the trailer I had fell in love with ‘This is me’, however I love the whole sound track and I don’t think there is one song on the album I don’t like. Even if the film isn’t for you, I urge everyone to listen to the music and I’m sure it’ll change your mind. In all honesty, films like the greatest showman that are well cast, well written and amazingly directed, really inspires me to love film so much more. I truly wish it was something that I was a part of and if I could of something half as great as that in the future I’d be ecstatic.