Even though I'm pretty late reviewing this film, I watched it the other day and thought it was worth writing about as I had been told that it didn't get a really good review. This did make me apprehensive however, from what I had seen of the trailers I thought it would be a good story to watch. I was right.

The story was something I found really interesting. The idea of a genius or an intelligent person within film is something that has been bounced around a lot and this idea was slightly different with the situation he was trying to uncover. For anyone who doesn't know the story, it follows Henry, a young boy who looks after his mother and younger brother, replacing the father figure that is missing in their lives. Next door lives a young girl with her step dad, as her mother has recently passed away. However, a hidden secret is the abuse this young girl is going through behind closed doors.

Trailers to me normally give quite a lot of the story away and with this film I really thought I had seen it all, however there was so much I didn’t know was going to happen or things that I thought would happen that didn’t and that to me, makes a good story. Further to that, the story touched on something that is hard to convey in most films and I thought it was portrayed well with the addition of an interesting character at the forefront, Henry. The story looked at this young boy as someone who knew everything but even though he was intelligent, he was only a child.

The visuals were something that could have been used to a higher degree, to create a lot more tension and bring in those moments where the dialogue was extremely meaningful. There were parts of the visuals I liked, for example the shots from Henrys house overlooking into the young girls house. I liked that we rarely saw inside of the girl’s house and that it mainly was points of view from Henrys house. Films that entail such a big thing as abuse normally look at it from the own person’s perspective or the abusers perspective, however this looked in from an outsiders view informing us on the signs of someone else being abused.

The film for me was up and down overall. There were moments when I was crying and others when I was wondering when it was going to get to the climatic bit that I had foreseen in the trailer. The emotional part of Henry dying was a really prominent part for the story and was something that made the story for me. Even though I was gutted to see the character leave, it made other characters develop and take on more roles than they had before. In the same breath, I did think that those moments could have been played on a bit more. I felt I only saw a few disconnected clips of the brother and mother feeling the loss of Henry and that the change in character could have been bigger, to have more of an impact. I would recommend everyone to give the film a go. The critics weren’t good however I don’t normally take that into account much as I can make up my own mind and so should you.

If you do watch it, let me know what you think.