‘The 100’ is an American post-apocalyptic drama series based on the novels written by Kass Morgan. In case you haven’t seen it up until this point it follows the landing of 100 children/young adults back on the earth after living in space due to the world being uninhabitable. As a disclaimer, I have loved the series up until this point however that doesn’t mean this will be a raving review.

Now facing the impending nuclear apocalypse, it seems like the group are never going to catch a break. The series has progressed and developed so much, and to see how everything has added up to this moment is really exciting, however, I am worried that it can quite easily be a let-down. After the emotional death of Lincoln last series, every death of a main character now will have to be clearly planned out. If there are any ridiculous throwaway deaths, I’m pretty sure people are going to be annoyed. I thought this was going to happen with the last episode I’ve seen (4) however Octavia is still surprising alive. I really do hope they explain how she survived such a fall in the next episode. My phone can’t even survive such a fall from my bed, so if she survived the straight fall I’d be questioning the writer’s decision.

There are three characters that have really developed for me and it’s something different I haven’t seen. Clarke is a remarkable character. Her ideas, her leadership and how relationships have always changed around her, it is still interesting how she is still holding onto her roots. She is one of the characters that really makes this show for me. Her new god-like ruling is interesting with the new twist of her writing ‘the list’. To me, it makes perfect sense why she made it but if I was in that situation I don’t know how I’d cope. With that said, equally, Octavia is a brilliant character in series 4. We have seen her develop from a baby sister who needs looking after to someone who kills for nothing. She is now a warrior and really changed due to her environment. Much to most people’s disgust, even though I hated Lincoln’s death, I feel in the last four episodes her character has been able to thrive on her own without having that love interest that is in every series. The last character is Jaspar. Jaspar has developed into a character I have never, ever seen before. He’s actually excited to die?! Even after the end of the last series, I thought there was hope for his character and that he was back on the right path, but in the last couple of episodes, I’ve seen a disturbing side to him. However, as I’ve never seen such a character it’s something I’m interested in watching further.


Something that is lacking so far is the exciting events. In that sense I know there is a radiation coming to end the world and they are doing all they can to stop that, however, I feel like every quest a group of characters go on – nothing really comes of it. I think at the moment, I’m just waiting for something to getting me gasping, crying or shouting at my screen, however it is not half way through so maybe there is more to come!

I have my fingers tightly crossed that from the ashes something exciting will arise…