Recently I directed a short promotional film for Southsea stories which is a segment on the UPSTV channel. Southsea stories are profile films on local businesses within Southsea where we show everyone the unique and quirky places Southsea has to offer.

I directed a film for the business ‘Seeded’ which is run by a lovely women named Alexis Seed. We were a team of four, one producer, two camera and me as director. To start me and Sophie (the producer) went and met Alexis and asked her about her business and took pictures of her store to get a feel for the place, for visual style. We talked to her and answered any questions she had about the film and she was so endearing and warming which we knew would make an amazing film but also why her business is so successful.
We spread filming over two evenings, one to do the interview when she was shut and quiet so we could run through the questions as many times as we needed too. However, she answered them so well we only needed to do it the once.

We then went back to get some visual shots just before one of the classes she holds. We then stayed and filming her in her classes with some lovely ladies who didn’t mind being filmed and were so interested in what we do which was lovely to see. Also one of the members of our team ended up purchasing something from her shop that she had been eyeing up over the couple of times we had gone there. Seeded is more than just a craft shop and I hope this film shows that!
If you are in Southsea I’d recommend going in even if you’re not that interested you can see the stuff they get up too and just have a lovely chat with everyone in there.

If you wanted to look at their website – https://www.seeded.com/
Check out the video – https://youtu.be/-nTiITheYos

Laura x