Ready player one is a film that is set in 2045 where most people now communicate and use a software called the Oasis. The Oasis is a place in which you can become the character you want, so you can look like a wolf or be another gender, have huge hair etc. This place is where most people go to escape their normal lives. It follows an orphan, Wade, who is taken in by his aunt after his mother’s death. I have previously watched films directed by Steven Spielberg, so I knew I was going to love it, and I did.

The story revolves around the maker of the game creating a challenge that he puts out when he dies to crown the next person to be in charge of the Oasis and win a huge sum of money. This is something that could truly happen, with how technology is evolving and it is scary to think that we could essentially be in this position as we get so invested in our phones and games.

There is a rival tech company who want to be on top, so when this challenge is presented the head of the company gather people to try and get past the challenges. Wade has a different intention and wants to help his aunt out by winning the money to help keep their house.

The CGI is so amazing in this film. The majority of the film is set in the Oasis which is a computer game that has so many elements. I know CGI in most films looks awesome but this film just felt really real in how it could look and be in 2045, which is insane. The story was packed with action and told a really interesting and thought-provoking story. The rating of this film was only 7.8/10 which I think is a bit low as it is such an amazing concept and is perfected really well.

I think this film poses a lot of questions. Are we too tech driven? Are we really connecting even if it is through devices? Do we lose our true selves, filtering our personalities through tech? These are a few questions I started thinking about after this film as I personally believed we were already quite tech advanced and that we need to move back a bit but never really thought about the idea of moving from different worlds, a virtual and a real world as that is way more advanced as we are now.

I would recommend watching this film so you can make up your mind on how tech based we are and whether you would like our world to be like that in 2045