Persons of interest was a series that I honestly started ages ago. I can’t even remember when I started it but it was definitely four years ago as I started watching it when it was broadcast on TV with my dad. I stopped watching it after season two as I left for university and I didn’t have a TV anymore so my dad continued watching it on his own and has even repeated the series again after I told him I was watching it again. You know when you’ve left a series for so long and you’ve started so many others that you’re part through, you kind of have to focus on one at a time. I’m that kind of person times ten because I started like eight other series which is crazy and unmanageable in a normal person’s life. So I set the challenge to write a list and go down it finishing each series so I can move on with my life. I haven’t had so much time so it took some time but I finally finished it and it was definitely worth it.

Persons of interest is a total of five seasons that revolve around a secret government system that spies on people every day in order to stop high crime from happening. This system picks up on all crime in the country however the government consider the majority of the public irrelevant so they don’t help all the people that are in danger. Reese a former CIA agent, thought to be dead and Finch the man who helped build this system a long time ago work together to stop these ‘irrelevant’ crimes from happening on a daily basis. The computer system can only give out a number which resembles a person and that’s all they know so they have to figure out if they are the victim or perpetrator and stop the situation from happening.

Loads of different characters enter through the five series but some early on main characters are Carter and Fusco who work in the police force and eventually become allies to Finch and Reese. These characters are such a diverse group and the chemistry through the series is so good. Fusco is really funny and normally left to do the worse jobs, carter is sassy and blunt in terms of helping or being left out of what is really going on, Finch is the smart and serious one and Reese is the mysterious and secretive one who is super badass haha.

Other characters that become important to the story and are key in the last two seasons are Root and Shaw. Root is a bit crazy in terms how much she connects with the system and Shaw is a character that doesn’t feel emotion, so she and Fusco together in scenes cracked me up so much. In all honesty Shaw really made the last couple of seasons for me as her character has so much depth and she was interesting to watch develop.

I would recommend this series so much as I think it was so underrated. I know it took me ages to finally finish but that was honestly nothing to do with the content. Series five only came out in 2016 I believe so it’s still quite recent and does leave it in a situation that could continue if they wanted too. Have a watch and let me know what you think!