Recently I had my phone upgraded which meant I wouldn’t be struggling with the constant ‘storage is full’ message anymore as this phone had way more space and practically nothing transferred over to it because I dropped my actually down the toilet. Yes toilet. But I digress. Since getting an upgrade I decided to have a look at some apps that I hadn’t used before to help me be more productive with my health, fitness an lifestyle. Here is a few I’d recommend downloading, and good news, they’re all free!

I’ve been going to the gym for a while now, but sometimes when I don’t have the motivation to go I still want to do something to keep me fit and energised, however I really wouldn’t know where to start. I downloaded ‘AB & Core – Free Workout Trainer’. It gives you ideas of what to do and literally does it with you so you know you’re doing it exactly right. I know this isn’t everyone’s thing so only if you want or need a fitness app, I have found this really helpful. Also, if you’re a bit younger or uncertain on whether to get a membership at a gym because you know you wont go, try an exercising app first and see if you stick to it or ease your way into exercising.

Something I really struggle with is drinking enough water. As the summer is practically here, (Whenever the sun is out in the UK it’s summer, because we rarely get it) it is important to keep hydrated. ‘My water balance’ app is really helpful for tracking your daily liquid intake an reminding you to drink, if you forget. Like me. The app is a fun and easy way of making sure you are drinking what you need in a day and literally harassing you with pop ups if you haven’t. Trust me, I have forgotten or not logged in my water in a day and it tells you so many times, there is literally no excuse to not be hydrated if you have the app.

Something that has recently become important to me, recently being yesterday, is the food I eat. I have said this so man times that if any of my friends read this they will be laughing. I want to be more experimental with food and try cooking a bit more because I have the tendency of becoming really lazy with food. So I thought getting a food app that wasn’t a take away delivery app on my phone would be beneficial. I downloaded a recipe app called ‘Weekend’ which has a variety of recipes for vegetarians. Obviously you don’t have to get that app, it can be various food apps that give easy recipes to start with.

An app I know many people have on their phone that I had never had before, but has been very useful to me is my bank app. Being a student I want to be able to check on my account easily and quickly as well as transfer money and the app allows me to do that. No one wants to wait ages for their laptop to load on to transfer someone a couple of pounds, so this has made my life a bit more easier. If you do get your bank app, make sure to put a lock on it. You can have your finger print, a passcode or even both.

Finally, one app that has become very useful to me is the National rail app. If you travel a lot like me you would know how annoying it is when trains are delayed or cancelled an you didn’t know until you got there, and when you’re there you have no idea what to do. The app allows you to book tickets but also check if trains are delayed or cancelled. I was on a trip not too long ago and the train ended up being delayed that I was going to miss my next train. But instead of panicking and trying to find someone to talk to about the issue, I used the app to find if other trains that were going to get there faster and whether the next train was much later that it would affect my journey.

These are just a few apps that I have found really beneficial at this time in my life and if they’re not for you, then that’s fine. There is so many apps out there that I am probably unaware of, so let me know any apps you use that really help you!