So even though I’m an avid lush fan I had noticed that I hadn’t been there in a while! I think the last time I went there was to get their Halloween and Christmas ranges and I had used those ages ago and total forgotten about my poor pink suitcase that had been sitting on the side, empty. In all honesty I haven’t had a lot of baths in the last couple of months as showers were just more convenient. However I was getting withdrawal so popped into my local lush store in Portsmouth. Can I just say, every lush store is an amazing experience with the smells, different bath bombs and the lovely employees however the Portsmouth store is just up there with the employees. They always greet you as you come in and it’s just an inviting way to walk into a shop. There is so many people walking around happy that you feel you can approach anyone, and most of the time while you’re in there they were approach you and show you new things they have or just the old classics. Also, when you go to the till they always have a conversation with you about anything even if they didn’t help you before. The whole experience is just different to most other shops, which I love.

Anyway into what I bought. Just a point, I totally forgot about this post and got super excited and used a couple already so I will just talk about those at the end as I didn’t get pictures of them.

The first one I chose was the ‘Ickle baby bot’

The baby ickle bot was only £1.95. To me, it is a staple, so whenever I go I pick one up. I used to get the butter bear but I didn’t see any of them so not sure if they do it anymore. This is an essential to me because it has lavender oil in it however doesn’t overly smell of lavender. If you know me well, you know I hate the smell of lavender but I can honestly say I like the smell of this. Lavender is so good at helping people sleep better, so this is perfect for when you’re having one of those days and you need help settling down! Bonus: It turns your water a lovely blue colour too!

The next one I picked up was the ‘Yellow submarine’

The submarine cost £3.95. When I saw this I honestly thought of the song ‘we all live in a yellow submarine’ which I think is the idea they’ve gone with here. This bath bomb has lemongrass, coriander seed oil and orange in it so gives off that tropical kind of scent. The lemon or orange isn’t overpowering which I think is due to the coriander in it, overall it smells lush haha.

The next one I got is one of my favourites and I will never go to lush and not pick this one up. This bath bomb is called ‘Sex bomb’.

This one costs £3.75. As you can imagine it turns the bath a beautiful colour and always has floating petals that soften as the bath bomb melts. This bath bomb is great for people who are stressed as it has that floral scent. My favourite part of the smell is the jasmine part really comes through which makes me feel really relaxed. The smell always lingers on me for a while as well which is a bonus.

One I had seen on the website and knew I wanted was the ‘Rocket science’ one.

This one cost £2.95 which is so good! I love things space at the minute which was one of the reasons I got it however it smells and looks incredible. Like most bombs it does leave your hands covered in blue dust if you touch it. Just a warning haha. The smell is quite hard to explain however you can smell an element of lemon and it also has bergamot oil in it which is super uplifting. It also changes your bath into many different colours similar to the bath bomb ‘Intergalactic’.

I also got a few others that I had already used but was too excited to wait to post. I got the Intergalactic which was £4.50 and is one I always get every time I visit. I got melting marshmallow bath oil which I’ve had a couple of times as it honestly smells exactly like marshmallows and I could literally eat it, it smells that good. Finally the last one I picked up was ‘Creamy candy’ which, if you couldn’t tell is another sweet one and it smells absolutely amazing. This one is a bubble bar so you don’t throw it in like a normal bath bomb you hold it under the tap and it creates amazing bubbles.

Those were the ones I picked up this time and unfortunately I wasn’t able to pick up anything from the Easter range but I would highly recommend you popping into your local lush and give all of the bath baths and bars a smell and try some out. Honestly, you won’t be disappointed! If you live in Portsmouth definitely check that store out as the people there are so lovely and let me know the ones you try.