If you have read my previous post ‘A visit from my sister’, you would have seen that when my little sister came down to visit and we wanted to go to the cinema. We chose to watch Love, Simon. I had seen this film advertised a little bit before it came out and I knew I wanted to watch it. I love the actor Nick Robinson, as I’ve seen him in the television show ‘Melissa and Joey’ and I’ve seen him in the film ‘the 5th wave’ so I knew he was a great actor. I had also recently watched ‘13 reasons why’ which starred Katherine Langford and I was excited to see her in a different role.

The film follows Simon Spier who is a closet gay. He has a close and loving family and a perfect group of friends however he has this one secret that he is scared to tell. There is news at school about someone else being gay that is posted anomalously on a social media site. Simon decides to message building up this relationship between them based on their mutual secret.

The story is something that has come at a perfect time. It’s becoming more acceptable to love who you want to love which is amazing and I feel like this film will help a lot of young people who are scared of opening up to friends and family. Over the years loving who you want to love has grown with acceptable and maturity but people still feel like they need to keep it a secret based on a minority’s view, which is really sad. There was an aspect shown where the characters were coming out to their parents as straight to show how ridiculous it is that people feel the need to ‘come out’ as if it is a problem or in a way asking if someone can accept them for who they are, but in every other part of life we don’t go up to people and come out as blonde or brown haired to see if people accept us the way they are. This film really focuses on that which is so lovely to do, and to do it in such a funny way allows it to not be a sad or serious moment.

The ending of the film really reminded me of the film ‘Never been kissed’ (Please say people have watched that film?) where she waits for him to arrive and everyone is watching building up that tension on who this mystery person is going to be, and I was shocked when the person turned up as I wasn’t expecting that person to arrive.

The film was rated about an 8.1/10 which I think was well deserved. The film had comedy elements and sad elements. It didn’t focus on the families’ response to it as much which I think is an easy route to go down, and overall the film wasn’t too much. Some films when having a big concept or problem in can tend to try and throw every feeling and experience into a short amount of time however this film really stripped back and followed an interesting love mystery. I would recommend if you haven’t seen it to watch it. Even if it’s not your kind of thing you might be surprised.