For those who don't know, Liar was a TV series that recently aired on ITV. The series followed Laura Nielson, a teacher, who goes on a date with a father of one of her students, Andrew Earlham. After that night she ends up piecing back memories of a night where she believed she was raped. Andrew Earlham is then put through a battle with Laura in a 'who is telling the truth' game.

The first episode gripped me from the get go. If you know me, you know I love a thriller mystery, where you have to investigate a situation and predict an outcome. After the first episode I had many ideas and theories of who I thought was lying and why. The first couple of episodes present as if Laura is a bit crazy and is making it up, encouraging you to believe that she is the one lying, which I thought was a good way to present the start of the series. However, after these couple of episodes, this is when the series story started to go downhill for me. Mid through the series it was revealed that Andrew had in fact raped her which, gave away the figuring out sense for me. I didn't feel like watching every moment to see if I could figure it out and I didn't feel there was much more I needed to know about the story.

The series concept at the beginning seemed promising, as there is so many pathways you can go down with a situation stemming around consent and sexual assault. Rape is a huge problem that is rarely focused on and is based on one person's word against another's, which is where I felt the story fell short. If the story didn’t want to focus around rape in its common sense and wanted to go down a psychopathic rapist route, (which it did), then there could have been a more prolonged guessing game and also a lot more confusing elements to throw us off that idea, so we would be shocked when finding out. There was also some elements where I felt, especially towards the end of the series that random things where being put in the episode to fill time rather than having a true purpose to the story, which was a shame.

On a positive, the shots were something that worked well for me. The effort and thought that went into the shots were genius. There was shots from behind things, through windows, which always made you feel as if someone was watching them, which felt really real to me. This didn’t only come across in a good way for the story but made me feel a part of the story, as if I was watching in the story. The shots focused on each character and allowed the emotion to be demanded to be felt by the audience, in feeling sorry and anger for the female characters being put in this horrific situation.

Overall, I’m glad I watched the series as you can always learn from TV series and it’s good to look at the positive things they did do to then help my writing and story-telling. I have been told by a few people that a series two has been announced, however, I can say that I probably won’t watch the series unless it makes the first series make more sense or more interesting, however I do doubt that. Regardless, if you like drama series based on deep concepts and hard hitting lies then maybe this is the series for you. If you haven’t watched it, I would say you could learn something from it if you want to work in film, TV, writing, however, as an avid watcher of TV, I wouldn’t waste your time.