So if any of you have read any of my TV series reviews before, you would know that I absolutely love ‘The 100’. If you are wondering why a final review of the series hasn’t appeared yet, its because I haven’t watched the last episode. I’m kind of scared, until I know for sure there will be a season 5, I’m not ready to watch the end. I know, sounds stupid. it is. So instead I had to replace that series with another. I looked for a long time at various TV series and there is still loads of ones that I want to watch and review, but for some reason Grey anatomy caught my eye.

In all honesty, reading what it was about, I wasn’t sure it would be my cup of tea. Or glass of coke for that matter, as I don’t like tea. However I did decide to give it a go and honestly its actually really good. I know I sound surprise, but I’m not that good with blood. It’s not normally my thing to see inside a body, but the intensity of the show is what drew me in. First off, without giving too much away the amount of blood and gruesome insides you see is far less than the social drama and relationship content, so if you like watching family tight and love relationships with normal drama as well as learning medical related illnesses, this is the show for you.

The point of me writing this, the inspiration from the show that I got to write a mid review is the meanings behind some episodes. At the moment I am only on season six and as you might know there is thirteen seasons currently which is still airing, so I’ve got a long way to go. The series looks at life, not just straight on but in every aspect, and in most cases, in terms of things we never think about. It looks at perception. compromise, death, love, time In respect of how limited it is, and a range of various characters  personalities that you fall in love with. it’s not something that is made to look pretty, it’s real and the camera shots really express that.

Watching the series so far, I have learnt so much. Seeing things I have never seen before has led me to research more into them and really be educated on symptoms and causes of certain illnesses and how you can deal with things if something does happen around you. I’m not saying I will start cutting holes in peoples necks or anything, but it’s goof to be aware of what could potentially happen and also to give credit to the people that do that job, as bloody hell it takes a lot of bravery and you have to be strong headed.

Obviously I haven’t finished all the seasons yet so I cant make an overall judgement on where the stories of the characters go but I can make a judgement on it now and I think its worth the watch. To me, the series is something I put full attention on as I am interested in learning and the characters, but honestly, even if you just want to watch it here and there or have it on in the background you can do that too. Its not something complex, where you need to always be watching as different things happen all the time and you can easily gather what has happened before.

Let me know if you have watched the series before or whether you think it’s your glass of coke, I didn’t think it would be mine, but look at me now!