I’ve always been the kind of person to try out new things, hold onto my favourites and reuse old favourites throughout the year. Up until this point I had never thought about writing down my favourites for that month to show the world what’s new, what’s old and what people just need to try. I thought I’d try and do this every month for the next year and see what exciting new things I can discover.

Firstly I have a skincare product which I have used once before and loved, so asked for a new one at Christmas.

Decleor Paris Hydra Floral:



As you can see from the picture this tub is also nearly finished. It has lasted me around just over two months which for me is pretty good considering I use quite a lot at a time. If you use the right amount it could last you much longer. This moisturiser has benefited my skin so much. Once on, it dries super quickly so you can apply make-up on quite promptly.

My second favourite of the month is also skincare related.

Garnier Skin ACTIVE soothing botanical cleansing milk:


I had spoken to my friend about my troubles with cleansing water as I know cleansing water is better than wipes however I felt the water was a bit harsh on my skin, especially around my eyes. My friend mentioned using a cleansing milk instead and recommended this one. Since then, I haven’t looked back. It feel gentler on my eyes and melted my eye make-up off just as well.

My final skincare related item was a present.

Jack Wills Hope Cove Body wash & Body Lotion:


I had never used a Jack Wills body product before so when I got given it I was really excited, so excited I have finished the body wash already. The smell is really simple and not overpowering however lingers after you’ve used it for a really long time.

I’ve been trying to read more recently however the books on shelf I had either read or not been in the mood to read. I had seen this book before in Asda when I roamed the isles however I didn’t buy it straight away. I knew I would want to read it however I was saving money at the time. Later on, after getting paid I bought it and haven’t stopped reading it since.

Small Great things by Jodi Picoult:


Recently, I have been trying to figure out my money and have some order to what is coming in and going out.

My Budget Planner:


I picked this up in Wilko for £2.75 which I think is an amazing bargain. It talks you through and has breakdowns you can fill in of your fixed spending, your variable spending and your monthly income etc. It covers all basis that I hadn’t even considered before when attempting to make budget plans in the past. If you want to sort out your money this is something you can try out. With it being so cheap it’s worth a shot.

In every one of my favourites in the future I will always have to mention something food related as I’m always eating. Honestly. My favourite of this month is chocolate of course.

Wagon Wheel:

Wagon Wheels used to be something I’d eat when I was younger and the hype for them now has definitely died down as there is so many chocolates out there. I saw them in Tesco on offer for a pound so I thought I’d try them again and now I’m obsessed. And yes, I did eat it after I took a picture haha.

My final favourite of February is a TV show on ITV.  After Big brother finished I needed a reality TV show to love as I always want one that is short, a bit shitty but you can laugh at and become somewhat invested in.

Survival of the fittest:


The show is a boy’s vs girl’s competition however it is really very similar to love island as it majorly focuses on the love interests. There is some really good characters in there and it’s interesting to see the tasks and love flings that go on. If you’re into that kind of thing I recommend you check it out.

I hope you enjoyed reading my monthly favourites, be sure to let me know your favourites.