I have now started the process of decluttering my life. I have always been someone that would hold onto things, people and activities I started doing because I never wanted to let anything go or miss out on something. Life sometimes becomes super stressful where you have to start evaluating what you need in comparison to what you want. – And that doesn’t mean you can’t have things from both! At the end of last year, I was extremely stressed but excited for my final year at University, however, stressed became the overriding emotion which was something that was getting me down. From this, it has been the slowest process but I’m bit by bit sorting through things in order to have priorities at the forefront.


At the start of the academic year, I became part of a couple of societies, continued to volunteer at a school (That I’ve done for three years now), work part-time and was doing everything that is required to pass my final year at University! Looking back, that’s a lot of things to take on, and most of them I’m still trying to do now! However, I decided to quit a society that was taking up a lot of my time and relax when it comes to the volunteering as I don’t need to put that in front of other things, so to remember its ok not to go sometimes. (Even though I always try to make it up the following week for the kids).


This is one element I have done to prioritise the things I want to do. Other things I have now put in front of the majority of things listed above is script writing, blogging and my health. These three things are now what I’m going to work more into my schedule to help make me feel happier and more relaxed with my little personal goals.


Another thing I have been decluttering is friends. Now, this might sound harsh but I am a true believer of ‘You are, who you surround yourself with’.  Recently I have felt extremely bad about things that I may or may not have done in respect of me being a good friend. I feel I have always been great to all my friends and maybe too much in secret, appreciated what they have done for me -which doesn’t help in showing them!  I have now come to terms with the small friends you have are always the truest and the ones that stick around at the hardest of times are the ones to hold onto. I have learnt to let people come and go and I think that’s sometimes in hindsight it has been best for me too! Treat the people that do stick around amazingly and every so often show them how much you appreciate them. I did this recently with one of my closest friends, getting me and her a spa break and her reaction was totally worth it and seeing her since I know we will be friends for a really long time!


The last thing I’m doing to declutter is, getting rid of things I own. Just throwing it all out! If I haven’t worn it in the last month or so, its out! I’m going to be brutal. Well, that’s what I’m saying now but hopefully, I still have this hardcore attitude when I start it next week.  Seeing how grossly cluttered my room is, stresses me out sometimes and with moving so much I want to take what I need. That’s the same with clothes! I have saved some vouchers for ASOS that, once I’ve decluttered my draws and wardrobe I will be spending! (Which won't be hard as I already have loads of saved items haha!)


I would truly recommend you decluttering your life. If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or just want a bit of a change it’s the best thing to plan. Don’t just do it with the things you obtain, think about it in respect of everything in your life and I’m certain you will feel 10x better than ever!

I’ll update you on how it goes!

Laura X