Something I’ve been thinking about recently is how to create a diverse and in-depth character within a story. In watching various shows and films I have wilted down a list of my top five characters. Trust me, it was hard. In order to decide I had to really about characters that have stuck with me and that easily watch again and again in the show or film and not get bored.

So without further ado, my top five.

5 Lou Clark – Me Before You.

me before you

Even though this film got a lot of criticism for the ending of the story, the character of Lou Clark can’t really be forgotten. The character is someone would love to be friends with in real life as she is bubbly, expressive and true to herself. In a story that is hard to tell Clark brings a breath of fresh air and the belief that there is genuinely down to earth people that will care for you no matter what and do whatever they can to help you. She was a character I haven’t seen in other films or shows which was something that interested me. That character is one of the reasons I can bare to watch the story again and again.

4 Beatrice Prior – Divergent.


Beatrice Prior is a strong female lead of the Divergent series. She is a character that develops so much through the trilogy but even just in the first film you see character qualities that are admirable. She is a character that is very brave in recognising her differences and makes choices logically, which is something we wish we could all do. The thing I love most of the character is that she is built small and not overly strong. She has to work to be able to fight because most of her strength is psychological rather than physical.

3 Alex Karev – Grey’s Anatomy.


I only recently started watching Grey’s Anatomy and in all honestly I love all the characters, however Karev is such an unpredictable but predictable character it’s intriguing. It has been noted throughout many series that Karev didn’t have the best childhood but never explicitly said which is best way to portray a character. Bit by bit you start to learn so much about the character based on his reactions to events and actions. Its interesting to see how he deals with things within the hospital and how courageous he is.

2 Michael Scofield – Prison Break.


From the minute I watched Prison Break I knew I was going to love the character of Michael Scofield. Scofield is a very intelligent genius who can work out people’s moves before they even know. I actually wish I knew a real person as smart as this character, and kind of wish I was. You can never guess what his plan will be because most of the time, there doesn’t seem like there is any plan that could actually work to get them out a situation. The character was consistent through all the seasons, and in the most recent his more caring and loving side came out showing a deeper side to the character than we knew before.

And finally, my number one character……

1 Bellamy Blake – The 100


If you have read my review on The 100, you would know that I absolutely love the show. The show brings so much to TV and the characters in it are one of the main reasons for that. In the first series I hated the character but through time have loved the character’s qualities, relationships and decisions. That’s the main reason why the character is number one. If you can change my mind about a character various times throughout a series, you’ve done your job. The character is so diverse and sometimes makes decisions on impulses due to his caring and softer side, but also in the same breath can make well thought through decisions to help the majority not minority. It also didn’t hurt that he got better looking through the series.

So that’s my top five. It was really hard to condense my favourite characters as I have watched so many shows and films so there is obviously loads of characters I love. Let me know who your favourite characters are or whether any of mine are your favourite characters too.