I have loved the Broadchruch series since it began, the first one for sure being my favourite. I enjoyed the second series as well as it still had the trial of the old case, however series 3 didn’t really have much going with that story. There was elements, but not as much as I would have liked.

This series followed the story of Trish Winterman who was raped at a party and then didn’t report it for a couple of days. The story unfolds that other woman have been raped and not told anyone about it, hitting on the topic of ‘woman asking for it’ and not being believed, which was interesting to see.



From the get go there seemed to be a lot of men that were possibly the culprit and as the episodes unfolded there would be something creepy or revealing about one of the men which would in turn shine the light on them as the rapist for that episode. In the end it did seem like a town of creepy men; one took pictures of Trish and technically stalked her, however admitted him was ‘in love’ with her. Another had randomly slept with her that morning as he went to go round to fix something in her house and her ex-husband spied on her through the camera. With all that said, the ending showed elements of peer pressure, grooming and somewhat bullying which was something I wasn’t expecting and is something I haven’t seen in a series before. However with that said, I do think the led up to that ending was slightly disappointing. It felt like it was purposely put on all these men through every episode which all seemed to have a interest in Trish in some way. There was also so much left unexplained which I didn’t like as I think that’s where I felt a bit cheated with all these suspects. 



From this, I don’t think it was the best last case for both police officers to finish on. D.S Miller and D.I Hardy were strong characters throughout all three series and their relationship is so fascinating to watch. This case as their last case seems not that exciting as I feel their characters have much more to go through. I’m not certain if a series 4 is on the cards but if it’s not I’m sure it will be sometime in the future as there is definitely more to their friendship and work relationship to play with.

I have always liked the type of shots used in Broadchruch. The wide’s of the town are aesthetically pleasing and a must in every Broadchurch series. Even though the series wasn’t a complete winner for me, I do hope they come back with another series at some point. I would recommend giving the series a watch if you haven’t as there is still a lot you can learn from the series and the ending is surprising.