Body Confidence is something many people have spoken about. It’s not an unknown topic. A couple of years back when I started University I had this idea of being perfect.  Perfect required being a certain size, fitting into certain clothes and counting a certain amount of calories. I wasn’t bad, in some cases people end up getting really ill, whereas, I was just a bit strict about what I ate, and how much I exercised.

Body issues are something a lot of young girls and boys face everyday with the media conveying what they believe is the right body type. After a few years of not liking my body I have learnt to like it. It doesn’t come easy having body confidence but there is a few things I remind myself of and think about to keep the right mind set.

There is always someone bigger and there is always someone smaller. Everyone around is probably thinking the same as you, except the only difference is they want your body rather than theirs. I always used to say when I was younger, ‘I want curly hair’ and my friends who had curly hair always wanted straight hair. We always want the opposite of what we have because we look at people and notice their beauty, however what we fail to realise is our own beauty. Beauty is not one certain look, it’s various looks.

Your body is a temple. What you put in it is important. You need to look after the inside and outside of your body all the time and that is the most important thing. That’s not to say you can’t have something that isn’t good for you, but my point is that the only reason you should diet and exercise is to improve your fitness rather than to look like someone else.

Some days you’ll have bad days, some days you’ll have good days.  Sometimes you’ll look in the mirror and think I look so thin today or I look so fat today but that doesn’t mean its the truth. Sometimes when having an off day our perception is wrong. Make sure when you look in the mirror you look at the things you like. Look for the parts of you that are different and celebrate them. No one else is like you! That’s a good thing! You do you.