In the Easter holidays I had a chance to go back home to London to see my family. My younger sister and I had bought tickets to see Sam Smith last year and the time had come to finally see him. He was absolutely amazing. The whole night was so well put together and his voice was stunning. My sister and I had joked before about whether it was going to be a super depressing night as he has a lot of sad songs and we didn’t think he would talk much, however I couldn’t have been more wrong. There was songs you could dance to contrasting with his deep and meaningful songs and a few old songs from his first album. His band were amazing! He introduced all his vocal singers and his band behind the instruments and overall it was just really heart-warming and inspiring night.

After spending a night at home my little sister was going to travel back to Portsmouth with me. We travelled back the day after the concert on the cheapest train we could find and arrived around late lunch time. As most of the day had gone as we arrived and the weather wasn’t it’s best we thought it would be a good idea to go and get food for the days that we would be eating in (as we didn’t have the money to eat out every night – as much as we wanted too! Haha). After we got all our food, I gave my sister a little house tour. She had never been to this house in Portsmouth before as I’ve moved house every year since being here. We made some dinner and had a chilled night watching the newest series of Catfish the TV show.

The next day we took over the town. We wanted to shop for some certain things as we wanted to bake some cakes and wanted to get some bath bombs from lush. My little sister always asks for me to get her lush bath bombs as there isn’t one in our home town. The weather still wasn’t amazing so even though we planned to go down to the beach, it just wasn’t the right weather.

Becky has come down before to visit so she remembered most places that we went to. We decided to go back to Gunwharf for food and a move. We chose to watch Love, Simon. (A review will be up soon) The food in Frankie and Benny’s was lovely and the film was a great way to spend the day.

The last day, my parents came down to pick her up and spend the day with me in Portsmouth. Over the four years I’ve been in Portsmouth I think my parents have come around four times to my knowledge. I was so excited to spend the day with them and the sun was finally out! We booked a Toby Carvery for later that night and spent most of the day in Gunwharf. We went around all the shops and got drinks. It was a chilled day overall. We popped into town later where we caught a people shops before it closed, then off to Toby we went. The meal was so good. My sister and I had been eyeing up these freak shakes the whole time as I had never seen them before. They were so delicious I couldn’t even finish it as I was so full.

This was the chocolate brownie one. It had a cookie and lots of brownies on it. I want one now!

Overall the whole time was so lovely and I can’t wait for my family to come down again!